2021 Push Champs

It’s Race Weeeeeek!
2021 Skeleton Push Championships
September 27th & 28th | 10am ET

We’re looking forward to a very competitive competition on Monday and Tuesday with a great mixture of new and veteran athletes for this year’s championships. There’s also been a time change!

USA Skeleton National Push Championships

September 27 – Competition Day #1 – 10am – 12pm ET

September 28 – Competition Day #2 – 10am – 12pm ET

The race format for the Skeleton National Push Championships is as follows:

  1. 4-Heat race competition over two days (Monday and Tuesday).
  2. Winner will be determined by combining all 4 race heats.
  3. If a sled pops out of the groove, one rerun will be allowed in the competition.
  4. Awards will follow the competition on Day 2.

Athlete Draw

Men’s Race Draw

  1. Austin Florian
  2. Dan Barefoot
  3. Stephen Garbett
  4. Mike Rogals
  5. Hunter Williams
  6. Darryl Payne Jr
  7. Lukas Kissell
  8. Bradley Nicol
  9. Nicholas Tucker
  10. Nicholas Brooks
  11. Andy St. Fleur
  12. Austin Hayes

Women’s Race Draw:

  1. Kendall Wesenberg
  2. Mystique Ro
  3. Michelle Toukan
  4. Leah Fair
  5. Logan Wudi
  6. Erin Brumley
  7. Chloe Peterson
  8. AJ Andrews
  9. Meaghan Rogers
  10. Isabella Burns

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