Lake Placid: January 20, 2018

Wow! What a week up here in Lake Placid. A nice solid week of sliding in, experienced some real central nervous system fatigue (see Twitter), and learn to steer the sled more confidently (not doing anything by accident.) One huge take away from the week is recovery. After 3-4 runs down the track from the top your focus is as good as gone, so I HAVE to get plenty of sleep, nutritious food, and stay as relaxed as possible in the morning and the hours leading up to the sliding sessions. Life in Austin would kill me if I tried to slide in addition to my normal life.

Anyway, I recorded a video with the GoPro on my helmet. Y’all are the first to see it. Justa small way of saying thank you for all your help and contributions.

Lake Placid: December 20, 2017

Spending the week in Lake Placid is so motivating. I know I’m there with a solid purpose: slide down that ice track and navigate its curves like a boss. There’s no literally distractions. But there’s the cold, which I hate, but kind of becomes a non factor once I’m rolling (or sliding) with the repetitions on that sled. Check out the video from this past week. I’m probably moving around 60 mph right there.